Unlucky the Squirrel


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Introducing a new dimension of play to your Whimsy Stick experience with “Unlucky the Squirrel” – the ultimate lure that adds a dash of excitement and intrigue to your furry friend’s chase-and-catch adventures.

Crafted to ignite your dog’s natural instincts, “Unlucky the Squirrel” brings a dynamic twist to playtime. With its lifelike design and playful antics, complete with a built-in squeaker, it’s bound to captivate your pup’s attention and inspire hours of engaging and interactive fun.

Watch as your canine companion springs into action, pursuing “Unlucky the Squirrel” with uncontainable enthusiasm. The lure’s realistic appearance and unexpected movements, combined with the joyful squeaks, create an irresistible challenge that will keep your dog happily entertained.

Compatible with your Whimsy Stick, “Unlucky the Squirrel” effortlessly attaches to enhance the playtime repertoire. Unleash a world of chasing, pouncing, and bonding moments, as your dog joyfully chases their newfound friend.

Invest in “Unlucky the Squirrel” and unlock a realm of joyous play that taps into your dog’s innate instincts. Elevate your Whimsy Stick playtime sessions and give your furry companion a taste of the wild, right in your own backyard. Unleash the adventure today!

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